Experience the Elite Impact Difference

Experience the Elite Impact Difference

Transparent and Hassle-Free Residential Property Management
Why Choose Us?

Allison Schott

As property owners we have had several management companies over the years. Elite Impact is the best we have had by a WIDE margin. Angela and Renata are very prompt in their responses to any questions or concerns we have. A lot of our past management companies would answer our phone calls but it was like pulling teeth to get something done. Elite Impact takes any concerns and immediately works toward a resolution. They have proven to us that our property is in capable hands and I don't feel like I need to manage my management company.

Our property is on the older side so we have been having a number of maintenance issues lately and Patti is very prompt in communicating with us every step of the way. We want to be knowledgeable about all aspects of our property, so I can't say enough good things about how amazing Patti's communication skills are. She is great at her job.

If you are an owner and seeking a management company that will actually treat your property as their own instead of solely as a revenue source, this is definitely the company you need to pick.

Bill M.

We have been around the block over the years with property managers. Not until we met Angela owner of Elite Impact did we find true business ethics, honesty and real management.

Do yourself a favor and stop right now and call Elite Impact as all your management problems will end. Angela the owner and Renata are absolutely the best, logical in all approaches to problems. I came from a terrible and dishonest property management company in town with dozens of homes with many issues from the last management company and these ladies take each problem on, mitigate it and move on.

From their business model, personalities, true transparency and extensive experience you can not find more competent and professional property management.

Thank you again Angela & Renata for cleaning my portfolio up and putting me on the right track with my rental business.

Truly Grateful, 


Rudy Salcido

Angela has been a rockstar from our first conversation. She is a person of action. Professional, efficient, and thorough - no need for you to shop around - unless you want to waste your time! FIVE STAR service!

colby fryar

Angela Harmsen has been a pleasure to work with. She is without a doubt the most responsive and helpful property manager that I have had the pleasure of working with. She is always available to provide rent comps even on properties that she is not managing, is very knowledgeable of the market and always willing to share her expertise. Good luck to you Angela and we will be adding another property to the mix soon.

Jeannette Garcia

Paying rent is easy and convenient and the staff are quick, responsive and professional!


Incredibly happy with how the property is maintained and paying rent is super easy and convenient.

Thomas Patrick Dunleavy

Elite Impact Realty Property Management manage my properties and have performed extremely well in all administrative actions I have asked her to perform in a professional manner. Angelia is extremely reliable and is very task orientated. She recently rented my property in Tucson in an expedited manner and performed as smooth as silk. She is a joy knowing she runs her management with her employees. The one thing I like is that she is trustworthy, caring and follows through with all tasks requested by the owner and delighted to perform for them.

Melissa Van Hutton

Angela and her team helped turn my property around to be profitable. After years of losing money with a different management company they took over and I'm finally making money from my rental. They increased the rent and had my home rented within two days.  I'm very impressed with their response and professionalism. 

Elisia A

Elite impact took over management of the house I'm renting and they are amazing! I had to wait 18 days for the other company to send someone to fix the ac which was never done and told the owner we were moving. After they told us they were taking over Elite Impact had someone out to fix everything the very next day.  They actually have more then one option to pay rent and someone always answers the phone. 

X. Luo

As an out-of-state property owner in Green Valley, AZ, I was both worrisome and hopeful about how the newly purchased properties could be handled for rental in July. Today, I am both happy and certain (as much as I can reasonably feel) that my properties are in good hands of Elite Impact, or to be precisely manager credited, Angela Harmsen. Not because everything was perfectly fine to begin with, rather, because everything was not fine to begin with but turned fine, precisely thanks to Angela's taking matters in her hands, her quietly trustworthy and greatly helpful hands.
What matters were taken care of? Professional service in the properties leasing? Yes, a big yes. Managing appliance delivery/re-delivery, installation/re-installation, storm-impacted/damaged partial ceiling fixing? And even more? Yes, an even bigger yes. Anyone who has had any experience with a property and its leasing knows by heart what that "an even bigger yes" means.

Vicktoria Wilcox

Elite took over from management from a different company when I was new to my lease. They were immediately a lot better with addressing concerns and issues with the property. I was having trouble getting keys from my previous company as there was one automatic lock on one of the 3 property doors. They were able to help with this. They were also very accommodating when it came to concerns regarding leaks and such.

I had to move out of the rental property early due to heath concerns but they were understanding and helped make the best out of an unfortunate situation.

If I had moved into a property they already rented I would still be leased through them.

Tallouse B.

When Elite Impact took over management of the property we are renting, the owner, Angela, went over their lease, when rent was due and late, and all these other expectations they had. My first thought was they were going to be a pain in my neck!  But then she asked what our expectations and goals were from her company and what could they do to make living there more enjoyable. In over 25 years of renting, no one has ever asked us that. That was unexpected and appreciated. They really do care about the tenants and the property and they have delivered on all the promises they have made.  Even though they did increase the rent, we plan on continuing to rent through them and stay in this property as long as possible. I would highly recommend renting through Elite Impact. They are a great company! 


Angela is the one! Go with elite impact and rest easy. Of all my properties across the states elite impact is my favorite property manager to interact with. 

Latoya Patterson

I have been a renter at one of Elite Impact's properties for a few years now. I have worked directly with Angela and her team. Let me tell you she is the best!!! She answers messages sooooo quickly. She genuinely seems to care about her renters and making sure we are taken care of. I know if I have questions she will be there to help. I've heard horror stories from others about their management companies. I'm so happy that my landlord chose Elite Impact to manage. I would highly recommend this company and Angela to anyone. Thank you!

Samantha Trappman

I’ll admit, it was a rocky start for us with Elite, purely because the owners of our rental changed management companies the week after we signed the lease, and there were discrepancies between the two company’s contracts. Moving is stressful enough, and that added to the struggle. But! I will say, the people at Elite have been really wonderful, and shout out especially to Patti who has been absolutely amazing from the very start. She’s quick to respond and helps solve maintenance issues as soon as possible. She’s always available via text and phone and I know I can count on her to address any issues we have and get back to us in a timely manner, including following up after to make sure everything is all good. She’s very reassuring and understanding. I don’t have much experience with management companies, but Patti definitely makes Elite one of the best, hands down.

Just like your rental property is an important investment, so is who you choose to manage it. Elite Impact Realty and Property Management has a dynamic team who is dedicated to providing a fresh experience of transparent and hassle-free property management.

An effective management company does not merely collect rent and handle maintenance issues, but cares for and works with its employees, clients, and tenants to enhance their experience. We broke the mold and created a company that puts the clients and tenants first.

Our strategy is simple: Provide elite quality service that positively impacts the Owner’s investment and the rental market by ensuring both Owners and Tenants are not just merely satisfied, but actually happy with all aspects of services they receive from our Management Team.

How can we do that?  We provide transparency, build trust, and listen to what the Owners and Tenants need.

We provide Owners what they value most - profitability and peace of mind! 

We provide tenants what they want - a well maintained home they are proud to live in and feel like it's their own.


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